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North American Fabric Systems (NAFS) designs, configures and implements high performance dye sublimation printing solutions for use in direct-to-fabric and paper transfer application environments. NAFS dye sublimation systems are designed and engineered to provide stunning high quality output, utilizing the latest in printing and transfer technology for paper transfer or direct-to-fabric applications.
Paper transfer dye sublimation systems are the first choice for the production of apparel, swimwear, home décor and other market segments where uncoated fabrics are required. NAFS paper transfer systems include a dye sublimation printer, raster image process (RIP), rotary heat press (calender) or flat press. Systems are available in 44”, 64”, 74” and 104” platform widths with production capacity from 600 to 1372 sq. ft. per hour. For more information on paper transfer dye sublimation systems, visit the paper transfer section on our website.
Direct-to-Fabric printing is rapidly emerging as the go to solution for the production of flags, banners, trade show displays, tents, awnings, canopies, pennants, gaming table covers, museum murals and more. Dye sublimation direct-to-fabric printing provides competitive, cost effective single pass production in a high speed all inclusive platform, that includes the direct-to-fabric printer, RIP, a precision media handling system and on-board rotary heat press (calender). Systems are available in 1.8m, 2.6m and 3.3m platform widths with production capacity from 337 to 850 sq. ft. per hour. For more information visit the direct-to-fabric section on our website.

When selecting a dye sublimation systems integrator consider the following:

– North American Fabric Systems offers nationwide onsite service on our print platforms. NAFS understands production uptime is essential to the profitability of your business and we aim to provide best in class service and support.
COLOR MANAGEMENT – North American Fabric Systems offers a full range of color management services. NAFS color management professionals will fully optimize your print environment, minimizing ink consumption while maximizing the color gamut of your print platform.
DYE SUBLIMATION INK – Prime Sublimation Ink has been engineered to optimize the performance of your print platform resulting in fast dry times for high speed production with superior color fastness. Manufactured to our exacting quality standards, Prime Sublimation Ink is RoHS compliant, free from Alkylphenol, Formaldehyde and VOCs.
TRANSFER PAPER – Prime Sublimation Transfer Paper is a high quality, uniformly coated product manufactured in Europe and engineered to improve overall image quality in the most demanding dye sublimation paper transfer applications. Utilizing Full Release Technology™, Prime Sublimation Transfer Paper provides fast dry times, excellent transfer yields, superior ink absorption and release, resulting in unsurpassed image quality during the transfer process. Available in both tacky and non-tacky versions, Prime Sublimation Transfer Paper is the perfect solution for all of your dye sublimation applications.
DEPTH OF OFFERING – North American Fabric Systems provides a full range of print platforms for paper transfer or direct-to-fabric production as well as onsite service and color management services. We recognize every customer, business and application is unique and our staff of industry professionals will assist you through the product selection process identifying the “best fit” for your workflow.

For additional information or to learn more about our product range, please call us at 734-668-0755 or email us at



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