Color Card - Swatch Book Production

Color Cards: Promote Your Full Range of Media with Color Cards from Supply55

Supply55 provides full integrated production of color cards and swatch books for film manufacturers and distributors across a wide range of industries. Our Color Card services encompass printing, cutting, and gluing color strips into the cards. With our automated, cost-effective, and high-quality manufacturing process, we handle every step, allowing our customers to focus on their core business, manufacturing and/or disturbing their products.

Swatch Books: Showcase Your Media with Swatch Books from Supply55

Swatch Books (fan decks) are a practical and effective sales tool for film manufacturers and distributors to showcase their media range. Compared to Color Cards, Swatch Books allow for a broader range of patterns, making them ideal for manufacturers with an extensive portfolio of products.

Our on-site production allows us to meet customer needs promptly while ensuring excellent quality. Our Swatch Books provide a compact solution to present a wide range of media clearly, with customization options available to align with brand guidelines and preferences.


Benefits of Color Cards and Swatch Books

  • Large or small production quantities available
  • Flexibility to change printing materials and color samples within a batch
  • Expansion of production and use of color charts as a marketing tool
  • Greater flexibility in production regarding languages and color sample combinations

Media we process into Color Cards and Swatch Books:

  • Self-adhesive films, cutting films, plotter films, decorative films
  • Flex Films
  • Flock Films
  • Sandblasting foils, masking foils
  • Double-sided self-adhesive films
  • Reflective self-adhesive films
  • Metal Effect-Foils
  • Wallpaper

For additional information on color card or swatch book production, please feel free to call us at 734-668-0755 or email us at

Take control of your Color Card and Swatch Book production today with Supply55.

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