NEPATA Automatic Roll Storage System

Automation, Efficiency, and Control for your warehouse operations

In almost all converting processes, roll media is stored and retrieved. This can mean thousands of rolls and hundreds of picks per day in a typical warehouse. The traditional storage of rolls and their journey to the converting area (and back) incur significant costs and loss of time, while shelving racks consume valuable space and damage the surfaces of the rolls. Nepata has the solution: automated storage systems for roll media that revolutionize the pick-up and delivery process of media from the racking area to the converting are with increased efficiency, accuracy of picked order and reduction in damaged media.

Optimize storage of roll media with our innovative, tailor-made storage systems

The Nepata Automated Roll Storage System (ARSS) is designed for small to medium-sized warehouses requiring storage of up to 3,000 rolls of media. ARSS optimizes the picking and return process of rolls and the system frees up warehouse space by decreasing the footprint required to store rolls of media, reducing overhead and freeing valuable warehouse space for other uses.Each ARSS system is individually engineered to the customer's requirements in terms of dimensions (floor space, height), total capacity and number of transfer stations.

How the ARSS system works

The ARSS systems with a vertical robot are based on steel rack construction with horizontal mandrels where rolls of material are stored compactly. An automatic, vertical 3-axis robot removes the rolls for a specific job and when the job is complete returns the remainder rolls to their location on the racking. A specially designed gripper tray lifts the roll slightly from below and then lifts it down from the storage mandrel. The gripper then places the roll in a free transfer station. As soon as a roll is ready, the machine operator can manually open the transfer station like a drawer and remove the roll. Ideally, the NEPATA converting machines are placed directly next to the transfer stations at the rear of the storage system for an optimal workflow. The storage of remainder rolls is carried out accordingly. For safety reasons, the robot warehouse is completely fenced.

Automation of film logistics

ARSS can be fully integrated into the Nepata ConvertPlus2 (CP2) converting softwere. The production queues in CP2 are used to initiate the provisioning of film rolls at an early stage. In doing so, the control software optimizes the storage locations of frequently used films to reduce travel distances for the robot. The automatic storage system also notifies you when a new roll of a material is required and will load and store the new roll of media in the storage system. The ARSS software also gives preference rolls that are older or optimal in terms of remainder length avoid expired rolls and remainder rolls that are too short.

Facts & Figures

Depend on NEPATA and Supply55

  • Worldwide implementation coverage for manufacturers and distributors requiring optimized roll storage.
  • Close working relationship with our partner CH Systemspecialists in logistics automation with 50 years ofexperience.

Flexible, reliable service and support

  • Close cooperation with our partner CH systemfor comprehensive service and regular system maintenance
  • Uncomplicated and fast remote maintenance
  • Dispatch of technicians

Built for durability

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • High-quality components including Siemens controllers and motors

Flexibility and adaptability

  • Wide range of customization options including dimensions, weights, and picking times
  • Integration of NEPATA converting machines, software and other devices
  • Connection to ERP systems or ConvertPlus2 software

Process-oriented planning

  • Analysis of current processes
  • Tailor-made solution for improved warehouse processes

Forward looking planning

  • Detailed calculations and analyses of yourdata for individual design
  • Potential challenges are identified in advance

Elimination of pick-up and drop-off times

  • Non-value-adding work steps are reduced toa minimum
  • Relief for employees
  • Acceleration of processes


  • Improvement of logistics processes
  • Enormous optimization potential in combinationwith converting machines from Nepata

Maximizing on-time delivery

  • Higher pick speeds
  • Accelerating converting workflow
  • Increased delivery reliability

Growth despite shortage of skilled workers

  • Freeing up capacity for non-value-added activities

Facilitation of gripping and lifting operations for warehouse personnel

  • Minimization of physically demanding work
  • Reduction of sick leave

High level of occupational safety

  • Reduction of hazards and safety deficienciesto a minimum due to numerous mechanisms

Maximum capacity

  • Capacity of up to 3,000 rolls for automaticstorage and retrieval

Compact design

  • Space savings compared to conventional rack storage
  • Intelligent, space-optimized design


  • Adaptation to all structural conditions
  • Optimal use of storage space
  • Creating space for growth and efficient processes
Article Film rolls with different outer diameters and widths. Each roll is provided with a manually applied adhesive tape that secures the roll before opening and unwinding
Core diameter of the rollers Ø 3" (75‐77 mm), possibly also smaller diameters
Max. diameter of rollers 8" / 205 mm
Max. weight of the rollers 66 Lbs. / 30 kg
Max. width of rollers 72" / 1850mm
Total depending on configuration, approx. 400 - 5,000 rolls
Transfer stations Depending on configuration, approx. 1-5 compartments or 1-3 film trolleys
Cycle time approx. 45 s per full cycle (fetch 1 roll, bring 1 roll)
Structural steelwork Carbon steel, powder-coated
Drive Siemens SINAMICS S120 Servo
Transmission Timing belt
Control Siemens Simotion D425
HMI Interface integrated

Normal environmental conditions

Base Individually according to customer requirements
Height Individually according to customer requirements
Soil Horizontally flat floor (1 mm deviation per 1 m)
Line voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Control voltage 230 V, 50 Hz, 24 V DC
Compressed air At least 6 bar, dry and clean, at the location of the machine
Safety Robots are considered a dangerous zone. Light barriers required in combination with protective fences
Noise level Maximum 75 dB (S) measured at a distance of 1 meter from the system

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Take control of your converting and warehouse workflow today with ARSS from Supply55, Inc. and NEPATA GmbH.




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