Kala XY Trimmer


Engineered and manufactured in Europe the Kala XY cutter and trimmer reduces labor and increases profits by eliminating the time-consuming task of manually cutting printed digital images. These Kala XY cutting machines are the perfect solution for processing a wide range of media including DTF, direct to film, paper, wallpaper, canvas, laminated substrates, banner material, polycarbonate, and other non-woven roll goods.


X Cutting - Kala XY trimmer offers several cutting modes, easy to program from its touchscreen control panel. Horizontal or X cutting is done automatically, by reading cutting marks or at fixed programmed lengths. Cutting marks (single or double lines) can be generated with most RIP software available on the market. Exclusive stop mark: the machine will stop automatically upon reading a specific stop mark included in the print file. This mark can be generated in your rip or inserted manually. This allows manual reset the (Y) blade to the required position for the next print series on the same roll.

Kala XY Blade

Self sharpening X cutting blade with a counter blade. Two (2) blades are available depending on material needed to be processed. Both blades are easy to change and maintain by the operator to decrease downtime.

Kala XY Blade

Advanced cut mark detection sensor allowing for the most precise X cuts.

Kala XY Blade

X blade cutting angle adjustment and correction of the X blade to match the exact cutting marks on the print.

Kala XY Blade

The Kala XY Trimmer/Cutter can be operated in 4 different work modes. 3 of the modes allow the trimmer to work with most RIP Software and cut marks. The other working mode is for trimming and cutting set point lengths of material.

Y Cutting - Vertical or (Y) cutting blades are positioned manually. The machine is delivered with three (3) Y blade holders – two (2) single blade and one (1) double blade. Additional single or double blade holders are available for purchase. Removal media guides to convey the cut sheets out of the machine are included. The Y blades are very easy and quick to change and maintain by the operator.

Kala XY Blade Detail
Kala XY Blade Detail
Kala XY Blade Detail


The Kala XY Cutting Machine features a user friendly touchscreen control panel, and automatic media correction via a sensor that detects the edge position of the media and a reel that automatically adjusts the placement of the roll. The Y cutting blades can easily be adjusted on the fly via push buttons to correct errors due to misalignment of the printed rolls.

Kala XY Workflow Control
Max thickness of material 1 mm - 40 mil
Max working width 1650mm 65" or 2100mm 82"
Max media weight 50kg or 110 lbs.
Max media diameter 250mm or 10"
Operating speed up to 18m or 60 feet per minute
Electrical requirements 110v
Accuracy cross cutting +/- 1mm or .04"
Adjustable speed 1 to 18m/mn or .3 to 60 ft/mn
Cutting modes Mark recognition, set length
Electrical adjustments of set of Y blades on the fly Yes
Automatic alignment of media edge Yes
Dimensions 103" x 33" x 48"
Weight PRO machine only
Weight PRO w-dual take-up
334kg or 736 Lbs.
383kg or 845 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions 108" x 40" x 60"
Shipping Weight 450kg or 992 Lbs.
Warranty One (1) Year Parts
Certifications CE and RoHS
Software Support for Cutting Marks SAI, Onyx, Caldera

Kala XY trimmers are available exclusively through Supply55, Inc. in the United States. Please feel free to call us at 734-668-0755 or email us at sales@supply55.com to discuss your application and to learn more about the Kala XY trimmer.

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