ExpressCutPRO™ Professional Flatbed Cutter by Saga

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ExpressCutPRO™: Professional Flatbed Cutter for DTF / UV DTF

Designed for Precision Cutting

ExpressCutPROis a versatile flatbed cutter engineered to handle a wide range of materials, making it an essential tool for various print applications. Whether you work with printed rolls of DTF (direct to film) transfers, UV-DTF, sublimation transfers, or other non-woven media, ExpressCutPRO™ delivers exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Roll Cutting: Effortlessly cut fully printed rolls up to 25" in width, streamlining your production process
  • Quality Meets Efficiency: The ExpressCutPRO™can process a 25" x 34.5" area in only 30-60 seconds
  • Material Compatibility: ExpressCutPRO™ excels in cutting various materials, including DTF Film, UV DTF Film, pressure-sensitive vinyl, reflective vinyl, window film, sandblast maksing, HTV (heat transfer vinyl), PET (polyester film), gasket material, vinyl decals, paint protection film, cardboard, and more. 

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