NEPATA 65" Rewinder and Cross Cutter | NEPATA UA1650 RRBA Rewinder for Flex Film, Paper, Canvas & Flock Converting

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The NEPATA UA1650 RRBA smart rewinder and trimming machine was developed for processing flock and flex films, as well as a variety of other media up to a width of 1650mm or 65 inches. It is often used by wholesale and retail logisitics centers for textile finishing films. The UA1650 RRBA reliably, accurately and quickly measures film rolls with a maximum diameter of 400mm or 16 inches while cutting exact short rolls and sheets from the respective master roll.

Combined with the control software ConvertPlus2 individual bar code labels containing the run length of the film, product data and much more information can be attached to the master as well as the customer rolls. Using this bar code label, the films can be scanned before processing the rewinding job, thus verifying the product data and importing the residual length of the roll into the system. This effectively prevents many errors in the rewinding process. ConvertPlus2 supports several methods of reading in converting jobs - for example by scanning respective bar codes on the picking ticket or even through fully automated import of electronc job data.

The shaft axles on the UA1650 RRBA allow film rolls and paper cores to be mounted quickly and securely. Once loaded the films are tensioned pneumatically by the internal machine control.


  • Rewinding speed up to 5 feet per second
  • Rewinding and trimming as wide as 65 inches
  • 99.9% rewinding accuracy
  • Adjustable tension shafts for quick set up
  • Automatic pneumatic tensioning
  • Operation via ConvertPlus2 software including bar code labels for short and master rolls
Maximum media width 65"
Maximum rewinding speed 5 feet per second
Maximum roll diameter (short roll) 11"
Maximum diameter master roll 16"
Core diameter 3" or optional 2"
Trimming accuracy 99.99%*
Measuring accuracy 99.8%*
Maximum medium thickness 1mm*
Maximum roll weight 110 Lbs
Power requirements AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz
Power input 1500W
Power adapter Plug L6-30P, Receptacle L6-30R
Working environment 41°f to 95°f
Dimensions of the machine H 58" x D 21" x W 104"
Weight 2000 Lbs.
Dimensions of shipping crate H 79" x D 42" x W 135"
Shipping weight 3600 Lbs.

*Depends on material being used. Please call us to discuss your application.

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NEPATA converting equipment is protected inter alia by US Patent 10,017,345 B2.