Go Jumbo - Supply55 and NEPATA release the new JC770 and JC1650 Jumbo Unwinders for the UA770 and UA1650 ADWS

Ann Arbor, Michigan
December 6, 2021

Go Jumbo - Supply55 and NEPATA release the new JC770 and JC1650 Jumbo Unwinders for the UA770 and UA1650 ADWS

Ann Arbor, Michigan, December 6, 2021 – Supply55, Inc. and NEPATA GmbH are pleased to announce release of the new NEPATA JC770 and JC1650 Jumbo Companion Unwinders for the UA770 Rewinder and UA1650 ADWS Converting Center.

The NEPATA JC770 and JC1650 Jumbo Companion Unwinders were developed to be operated with the UA770, UA1650 ADWS Converting Center or the UA1650 Rewinder to process jumbo rolls with a diameter up to 40 inches or a weight up to 1,100 lbs. Positioned behind the NEPATA rewinder, the material is fed into the machine underneath the usual web tension control allowing for efficient production of short rolls from large jumbo rolls.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards, the NEPATA JC770 and JC1650 yield precise, accurate rewinds across a wide range of flexible media, including self-adhesive films, sandblasting films, vehicle wrap films, magnetic films, flex films, flock films, window tint films, paint protection films, digital print media, heat transfer material (HTM), banner material, photo paper, papers, wallpaper, reflective films, mesh, dye sublimation transfer paper, and more.

Loading of jumbo rolls is simple and efficient. Simply slide the tension shaft through the core of the jumbo roll and position the shaft on the JC770 or JC1650 via a safety chuck and lock it in place. The JC770 and JC1650 supports 3” and 6” cores allowing the device to process a wide range of media.  


  • Unwinding of jumbo rolls for converting with a diameter up to 40 inches and a weight up to 1,100 lbs.
  • Web width up to 72”
  • Controlled and adjustable web tension
  • Web speeds of up to 5 feet per second
  • Compatible with the UA770 and UA1650 Rewinders and UA1650 ADWS Converting Centers
  • Quick return on investment through productivity gains, error, and waste reduction

Watch the JC1650 Jumbo Unwinder overview video at https://vimeo.com/653749611.

Take control of your converting workflow today with the JC770 and JC1650 Jumbo Unwinders from Supply55 and NEPATA.

NEPATA converting centers are available exclusively through Supply55, Inc. in North America. Additional information is available on the Supply55 website at www.supply55.com or by calling Supply55 at 734-668-0755.


About Supply55, Inc. www.supply55.com – Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Supply55, Inc. was founded to provide unique value-added products to the sign, screen, and graphic arts trade. All Supply55 products are selected, evaluated, and brought to market with the simple goal of reducing end-user operating costs while improving the workflow and quality of the end-user’s finished product.

About NEPTA GmbH www.nepata.de – Based in Wolnzach, Germany, NEPATA GmbH specializes in developing machines and software to support the converting industry. Patents are currently pending in Germany and the United States covering a wide range of technology used in the NEPATA converting equipment.

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