KalaXY II 1650 (65") Automatic XY Trimmer for Printed, Non-Printed Media

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KalaXY II 1650 (65") is the base model in the KalaXY Trimmer product line and is a great solution for basic X and Y cutting of all printed or unprinted flexible media up to 65" wide. The device is is a simplified version of the KalaXY PLUS and KalaXY PRO Trimmer and does not feature thefollowing functions:

  • Automatic Y correction: Does not feature automatic telescope roll correction (featured on KalaXY PRO)
  • Electrical adjustment of the Y blade holder (featured on KalaXY PLUS and PRO)

Designed to process most flexible media up to 1 mm (40ml) in thickness inclding paper, vinyl, wallpaper, canvas, laminates, PVC, polycarbonate, and much more. 


  • Eliminates production bottlenecks associated with cutting flexible media into square or rectangular formats
  • Different work modes: automatic cutting, manual cutting, and set length cutting
  • Easy to use touch screen and operating system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • X Blade angle adjustment
  • Robust chasiss

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