Supply55 releases ReelPRO V2 a universal take-up system for wide format printers and laminators

Supply55 releases ReelPRO V2™ a universal take-up system for wide format printers and laminators

Ann Arbor, Michigan
January 29, 2019


ReelPRO V2 is an affordable, easy to install, easy to use universal take-up system allowing users to improve efficiency and profitability when printing longer jobs; vehicle wraps, banners, wallpaper and signs. ReelPRO V2 is compatible with all wide format printers and laminators allowing shops to incorporate the system easily into their workflow and use it throughout their shop on multiple devices.



  • ReelPRO V2 is a universal system and works with all wide format printers and laminators
  • ReelPRO V2 allows the user to operate their printer unattended resulting in improved profitability
  • ReelPRO V2 improves quality by eliminating kinking and scratching of prints as they are moved from the printer to work tables or as they hit the floor
  • ReelPRO V2 automatically shuts down when running in “manual mode” at the end of the print job
  • ReelPRO V2 includes a sensor to monitor print head movement when running in "automatic mode" and shuts down when the print head stops
  • ReelPRO V2 delivers true roll-to-roll production capability and supports media rolls weighing up to 110lbs

Take control of your workflow today with ReelPRO V2 from Supply55.

Additional information is available on the Supply55 website at or by calling Supply55 at 734-668-0755.

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