NEPATA RT20 Power Drive Roll Transport Trolley


The NEPATA power drive roller transport trolley with drive is a valuable addition to any warehouse. Designed as a mobile storage solution, operators can store rolls directly on the trolley before or after conversion. Easy access and transport improve efficiency while reducing the risk of injury when transporting large rolls.

  • Increased efficiency in the picking process
  • Minimization of roll damage
  • Significant reduction of physical strain on employees
  • Mobile and space saving for optimized storage
  • Reduction of work-related injuries
  • Faster workflows and increased productivity
     Specifications Standard Power Drive
Number of mandrels 20
Length of mandrels 39" / 1,000mm
Max. payload 611 Lbs / 300kg
Max. roll weight per mandrel 55 Lbs / 25kg
Max. travel speed 3.1 m/h / 5km/h
Max. charging time 6h
Driving distance with full battery Up to 6.2 Miles / 10km
Height of top mandrel 67" / 1,670mm
Height of the lowest mandrel 25" / 632mm
Distance mandrels horizontal 10" / 260mm
Max. roll width 63" / 1,600mm
Max. roll diameter 6.29" / 160mm
Mandrel diameter 1.33" / 34mm
Sleeve diameter roll 2",3"
Power engine 350w
Battery capacity 20Ah
Dimensions LxWxH

55.5" x 29.5" x 69"
1410mm X 750mm X 1750mm

Weight 363.7 Lbs / 165kg

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Take control of your workflow today with the Roll Transport Trolley from NEPATA and Supply55.