NEPATA DL1650 Film Separator Machine For Recycling PVC Film

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NEPATA DL1650 Film Separator for Recycling PVC Films

The NEPATA DL1650 separates self adhesive films from the release liner (backing paper) allowing for recycling of pure PVC and the paper release liner.

When deployed in the manufacturing workflow the DL1650 prevents thousands of tons of PVC and release liner from entering the waste stream by quickly and efficiently turning defective production runs into recyclable product. Once the PVC is separated from the release liner both can be recycled resulting in improved sustainability and profitability for the manufacturer.

BENEFITS OF NEPATA DL1650 Film Separator

    • Allows PVC film manufacturers to achieve sustainability targets
    • Rewinding speed of up to 1.0m/s
    • Processes film up to 65 inches in width
    • Coreless rewinding of PVC for recycling
    • Automatic swivel off and pushing out of separated rolls for recycling
    • Ergonomic design allows for a single operator
    • Provides the highest level of operator safety


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NEPATA converting equipment is protected inter alia by US Patent 10,017,345 B2.