NEPATA Roll Slitter with Pneumatic Shaft | NEPATA 1900 ADWS 75-Inch

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The NEPATA 1900 ADWS smart roll slitter was developed to facilitate rapid and precise slitting of various types of media. Its primary application is cutting self-adhesive films, digital print media, flock materials, flex films, window tint films and similar materials with excellent accuracy. The continuous swivel shaft is user-friendly and its operation requires almost no manual effort. Loading and unloading of paper cores and slit vinyl rolls is a matter of mere seconds. The swivel shaft's configurable end position guarantees an ergonomic operation, even for the smallest employee. The 1900 ADWS features an optionally lockable guided rotary blade, mounted to a smooth-running axial slide. Dual digital displays allow the user to adjust to a relative dimension, as well as an absolute dimension is a easily and quickly. A push of a button with the left hand blocks the axial slide and spins the roll, the right hand may now be used to slit the roll.

Film rolls with a diameter of up to 280mm or 11 inches may be slit. The 1900 ADWS can process rolls as wide as 1900mm or 75 inches. The machine is controlled via the internal controller and may be complemented by the extensive ConvertPlus2 software.

Tensioning of the slitting shaft happens automatically by means of compressed air. Various slitting modes are available, depending on the requirements of the operation. The cutter may, for example, be permanently axially blocked, while film rolls may be swapped, or the film remains blocked and spinning, while allowing for the cutter to be repositioned.

The 1900 ADWS is the perfect slitter for a wide range of media including, self adhesive films, sandblasting films, masking films, vehicle wrap films, magnetic films, flex films, flock films, heat transfer films (HTM), banner material, photo paper, papers, DTF, direct to film, wall paper, reflective films, mesh, dye sublimation transfer paper, digital magnetic window tint film (Suncare Select, MAC, SOLYX, 3M Fasara, MADICO) and more.


  • Slitting up to 75 inches
  • 99.9% slitting accuracy
  • Adjustable swivel shaft for perfect ergonomics
  • Automatic pneumatic tensioning
  • Easy to operate slitting unit with dual digital display
  • Operation via ConvertPlus2 software including bar code labels for short and master rolls
Maximum media width, slitting 75"
Maximum roll diameter, slitting 11"
Core diameter 3" (2" optional)
Slitting accuracy 99.99%
Maximum roll weight 110 Lbs
Power requirements AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz
Power input 1500W
Power adapter Plug L6-30P, Receptacle L6-30R
Working environment 41°f to 95°f
Dimensions of the machine H 58" x D 21" x W 124"
Weight 1080 Lbs.
Dimensions of shipping crate H 79" x D 42" x W 135"
Shipping weight 1511 Lbs.

*Depends on material being used. Please call us to discuss your application.

NEPATA Slitting Head Lubrication System is engineered to deliver on demand the exact amount of lubricant required for flawless slitting of a wide range of material. Implementation of the slitting head lubrication system provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates expensive and environmentally harmful aerosol spray cans from the workplace.
  • Eliminate overspray and contamination in the workplace by using a metered system for dispensing the exact amount of lubrication needs for the specific job.
  • The lubrication system directly applies silicone oil or other lubricants to both sides of the slitting blade.
  • Felt flanges apply pressure to the slitting blade aiding in braking and clean the blade of adhesives during slitting.
The NEPATA Slitting Head Lubrication System is available for all ADW and ADWS models.

The NEPATA Slitting Head Line Laser allows the user to visually select the exact spot for slitting and can also be used to quickly and easily identify roll ends for width measurement when used with the NEPATA slitting head LED measurement system. Available for NEPATA ADW or ADWS models.

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NEPATA converting equipment is protected inter alia by US Patent 10,017,345 B2.