SL6500L Silicone Slitting Lubricant for Roll Slitters (Liter Bottle)

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SL6500 is a petroleum based silicone lubricant engineered for use with roll slitters when slitting application tape, VHB tape, heat transfer vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, self adhesive vinyl, reflective films and other hard to slit material. DO NOT SHIP BY AIR. Liter Bottle LIST PRICE: $69.95

Benefits of SL6500:
· Extended Blade Life - SL6500 extends blade life by aiding media release and reducing friction during slitting.
· Reduces Adhesive Build-up - SL6500 reduces adhesive build up on the slitting blade resulting in cleaner edges and cleaner slits.
· Improved Performance - SL6500 improves overall slitter performance when slitting difficult materials.
· High Yield - Increased usage yield compared to aerosol spray cans.
· Overspray - No overspray on the equipment or work area from propellant drifting.
· Application - SL6500 is applied with a microfiber cloth, directly sprayed onto the rotary slitting blade or dispensed by an onboard lubrication system.
· Non-Aerosol - No environmentally damaging propellants and is easily applied using a handheld sprayer.
· Packaging - SL6500 is available in one (1) liter bottles.
· Compatibility - Compatible with all roll slitters