KalaXY Dual Mandrel Rewinder

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The KalaXY Dual Mandrel Rewinder is a take up system designed specifically for use with all KalaXY Automatic XY Cutters and Trimmers. The device offers an efficient solution for rewinding cut rolls onto either a 3" or 2" core. Designed for taking up digital wallcoverings, wallpaper, banners, fleet graphics, or any other long run job.


Maximum media width 65" or 82"
Maximum rewinding speed 60 feet per minute
Maximum amount of "Y" blades  16 blade holders
Maximum roll diameter, production roll 8"
Maximum diameter, parent roll 10", Jumbo unwinder required for larger rolls
Core diameter 3" or 2" 
Y Blade Trimming accuracy +/- .2mm*
Cross cutting accuracy +/- 1mm*
Maximum medium thickness 1mm*
Maximum roll weight 110 Lbs, Jumbo unwinder required for larger rolls
Power requirements 110V / 1200 W or 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz
Power adapter Plug L6-30P, Receptacle L6-30R
Working environment 41°f to 95°f
Dimensions of the machine Dependent on KalaXY machine adapted to
Weight 300 Lbs.

*Depends on material being used. Please call us to discuss your application