NEPATA Converting Equipment



The world's most successful converters run NEPATA rewinders, slitters, trimmers and sheeters

NEPATA GmbH specializes in developing converting equipment and software to support customers processing a wide variety of media in slitting, rewinding and cutting applications.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards, NEPATA converting centers utilizes the latest in computer numerical control (CNC) technology making NEPATA the smart slitter, rewinder and trimmer choice. Users enjoy precise material cuts, highly accurate rewinds and advanced inventory control, allowing for quick delivery times across a wide range of media at competitive prices, while avoiding waste, inventory shrinkage and roll shortage/overage problems.

Take your converting operation to the next level and start enjoying the benefits of NEPATA converting equipment.


  • CNC TECHNOLOGY - Full computer numerical control (CNC) over the converting process. Automated slitting and cut planning, roll inventory control for master rolls and finished goods, bar code label printing and job management from your ERP system. NEPATA converting equipment is the smart slitter, rewinder and trimmer solution.
  • PRECISION CUTS - Variance of less than 1%, resulting in less waste, less rejects and less customer complaints.
  • GAIN IN PRODUCTIVITY - Over 40% compared to manual cutting when using ConvertPlus2 software with cut optimizer to manage jobs and inventory.
  • AUTOMATIC LABEL PRINTING - Automatic label printing including bar codes for professional inventory control, reduction in shipping errors and elimination of roll length errors.
  • METRIC AND IMPERIAL SYSTEM - ConvertPlus2 and the UA series machines handle metric and imperial system data concurrently.
  • EASY IMPORT AND ORDER PROCESSING - ConvertPlus2 software allows importing and processing of order data from ERP systems for fast efficient order processing.
  • TYPES OF MATERIAL PROCESSED ON NEPATA CONVERTING EQUIPMENT - Self-adhesive films, sandblasting films, masking films, vehicle wrap films, magnetic films, flex films, flock films, window tint films, digital print media, heat transfer material (HTM), banner material, 3M VHB Tape, photo paper, papers, wallpaper, reflective films, mesh, dye sublimation transfer paper, digital magnetic and more.
NEPATA UA Series Specifications UA770 RRBA UA1650 RRBA UA1650 ADW UA1650 ADWS UA1850E ADW UA1850E ADWS 1900 ADWS

Max Media Width

770mm 1650mm 1650mm 1650mm 1850mm 1850mm 1900mm
Rewind Roll-to-Roll  
Pneumatic Slitting Shaft        
Coreless Rewinding            
Splicing Mode            
Web Tension Control  
Advance Drive (option)        
Internal Digital Controller
ConvertPlus2 Interface Included  
Safety Equipment
Ergonomic Swivel Shaft    
Automatic Cross Cutting  
Dual Digital Measuring Slitting Unit    

Rewinding Accuracy - Millimeter Per Meter



<1mm/m <1mm/m <2mm/m <2mm/m  
Slitting Head Lubrication System (option)          
Slitting Head Line Laser (option)        
Rewinding Speed - Meters Per Second 1.0m/s 1.5m/s 1.5m/s 1.5m/s  1.0m/s  1.0m/s  
ConvertPlus2 Software


NEPATA converting centers are available exclusively through Supply55, Inc. in North America and the Caribbean. Please feel free to call us at 734-668-0755 or email us at to discuss your application and to learn more about NEPATA converting equipment.

Take control of your workflow today with NEPATA converting equipment from Supply55, Inc.

NEPATA converting equipment is protected inter alia by US Patent 10,017,345 B2.



  • UA1650 ADWS and JC1650 Side View Right

    NEPATA JC1650 Jumbo Unwinder

    NEPATA JC1650 JUMBO UNWINDER  Go Jumbo with the NEPATA JC1650. The NEPATA JC1650 Jumbo Companion unwinder was developed to be operated with the UA1650 ADWS Converting Center or the UA1650 Rewinder to process jumbo rolls with a diameter up to 40...

  • UA770 Coreless Front View Loaded

    NEPATA UA770 Coreless Rewinder

    NEPATA UA770 30" CORELESS REWINDER  The NEPATA UA770 Coreless is a 30" high performance rewinder engineered to support rewinds with or without a paper core.  Engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards, the...

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    NEPATA S1000 High Performance Sheeter 40"

    NEPATA S1000 40" HIGH PERFORMANCE SHEETER The NEPATA S1000 sheeter delivers world-class performance in a dedicated sheeting platform producing up to 5,000 A4 or ANSI letter sheets per hour. Engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest...

  • NEPATA UA1850E 73" Rewinder Side View

    NEPATA UA1850E 73" Rewinder

    NEPATA UA1850 REWINDER The UA1850 73" Economy is perfect for non production and window film converter looking to improve the effiency of their converting operation. Equipped with precision rewinding and manual cross cutting the UA1850E meets the needs...

  • NEPATA 1900 ADWS 75" Roll Slitter with Pneumatic Shaft

    NEPATA 1900 ADWS 75" Roll Slitter with Pneumatic Shaft

    NEPATA 1900 ADWS 75" SMART ROLL SLITTER The NEPATA 1900 ADWS smart roll slitter was developed to facilitate rapid and precise slitting of various types of media. Its primary application is cutting self-adhesive films, digital print media, flock...

  • NEPATA DL1650 Film Separator for Recycling PVC Film

    NEPATA DL1650 Film Separator for Recycling PVC Film

    NEPATA DL1650 Film Separator for Recycling PVC Films The NEPATA DL1650 separates self adhesive films from the release liner (backing paper) allowing for recycling of pure PVC and the paper release liner. When deployed in the manufacturing workflow the...

  • NEPATA ConvertPlus2 Software with ERP Interface

    NEPATA ConvertPlus2 Software with ERP Interface

    NEPATA CONVERTPLUS2 SOFTWARE ConvertPlus2 application software for integrating UA machines into your logistics process and your ERP systems.   ConvertPlus2 Benefits Full integration with UA machine rewinders, cross cutters and slitters...

  • SL6500L Silicone Slitting Lubricant for Roll Slitters (Liter Bottle)

    SL6500L Silicone Slitting Lubricant for Roll Slitters (Liter Bottle)

    SL6500 is a petroleum based silicone lubricant engineered for use with roll slitters when slitting application tape, VHB tape, heat transfer vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, self adhesive vinyl, reflective films and other hard to slit material. DO NOT...